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This is just a fan-written journal for Joan from the series Clone High for [community profile] milliways_bar . I have not ever worked on the show Clone High, nor does anybody who did have any influence on this. And I do not own it as it belongs to MTV, Teletoon, Bill Lawrence, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller. I'm also not doing this for any money. Just for my own amusement. However if you like the characters, please check out the DVD and support the creators of this wonderful show! Before you check it out, I'll just warn you that it's not politically correct in the slightest. If that bothers you, you may want to avoid it.

Also, this is not supposed to be a historically accurate portrayal of the real Joan of Arc. At all. This isn't supposed to reflect any of her viewpoints or actions and if you want to learn about her then head on down to your local library. Same goes for any other historical figure that is mentioned. I'm not here to taint their legacy. I do it because I love them.

High school is bad enough without being told you're the clone of somebody who made a huge impact on society. And who was burned alive for said impact. After failing to live up to the high expectations of her clone-mother Joan of Arc, she resorted to becoming a "cynical angst ridden goth girl." A cliche in her own right. (Although the narration thinks she's probably a bit more "hipster" than "goth." Just because of the experimental film thing. It all blends together after a while.) She's the artist, the activist, the girl in love with her best friend. But shhh...that's a secret. (If you weren't paying attention.) Joan is generally concerned with the well-being of others but isn't afraid to play dirty to prove her point. Or you know, when her emotions get the best of her. You know the drill on those shows. She'll usually come around.

Other things you might end up hearing over time: She's a vegetarian. She makes experimental films. (Or Avant-Garde if you want to get all technical and French.) She also enjoys playing basketball. And don't expect to hear a French accent from her. She doesn't have one. In fact she can barely even fake it. She wears a retainer. (They don't really draw it in, but I assume you can see it if that's the sort of thing you're looking for. Metal wires are pretty visible.) She also suffered from a sleeping disorder and had to spend a summer getting treatment for it. That's not something she'll tell you unless it's necessary though. That's another one of those secrets.

What is Clone High? Clone High is about teens dealing with real life issues! Oh wait...that's Degrassi. Clone High is actually a parody of teen drama series. (Dawson's Creek, Melrose Place, 90210, etc.) If you see anything that reminds you of that genre or any references are made to these shows--you know why. ;) As such--expect occasional angst. It can't be helped. Remember that it's all in the name of parody. Which by the way means that I like to take the angst to the next level of ridiculousness if I can. Like the amp from Spinal Tap. The more tropes I can use, the better.

Player's Notes:

Joan may be a tad preachy and outspoken when it comes to certain issues. She says things that people don't normally say. Maybe there's a reason for that. She's really not telling people what to do because she's a "bossy mcgee." Just because she doesn't want to see them get hurt. And sometimes she's been there. (Evidence shows that she may have problems with addictions and doesn't always realize that some people can do things in moderation.) And occasionally also yes because she's a "bossy mcgee." Somebody has to have a conscience in all of this. Or who'd stop the shenanigans? Basically if you don't want her to say anything just don't tell her. It's like telling your mom. And if you want a reaction, go right ahead. Sometimes you'll get snark. Sometimes you'll get emotion. Depends on the day and topic.

It's worth noting that in Milliways, Joan is from 2003, after the series ending. I'm not RPing through the show. Those episodes have already been written. The journal entries which are just for my own amusement are from now. Just because I like to make references to things that are current in the journal. So the two aren't really inter-twined. At any rate, Joan is always going to be in high school no matter what. Or at the very least she'll think she is. (Come on, that's part of the joke. Half of the people in the teen drama series are too old to be high schoolers. I'm looking at you Luke Perry. Plus whenever they take the series to college it's lame.)

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